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The best time to visit Chile? Our travel experts explain

What is the best time to visit Chile? Because of Chile’s length, extending for 4,300 km long on the Pacific, this country could be a nice year-around destination looking on wherever you wish to travel.

Patagonia and the South

The Patagonia area of Chile is best to visit from November till early March. In that period it is summer in Chile and that makes the Patagonia area accessible for hiking. The average temperature at Torres del Paine in Chilean summer is between 6°c and 18°c. However, the weather is pretty unforecastable because of the heavy winds. It can change from hour to hour.

More to the South, Punta Arenas, there is an average temperature between 7°c and 16°c.

Santiago de Chile

The best time to visit Chile capital city Santiago & the encircling vineyards is throughout the hotter, drier spring & summer months from September to February. Central Chile has a Mediterranean feeling with a wet season from May till August. The popular district will be visited throughout the nice and cozy Chilean spring from September to November.

North of Chile

The North of Chile, with Atacama desert and central valleys, are the perfect all-year-round destination. There the temperature can go up to 32°c and can drop to 2°c. In November, December and January it is possible to have some rain.

Chile national weather service

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