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Best time to visit Antarctica

The expedition season is between November and March. This is also the best time to plan your trip to Antarctica. The sun is high above Antarctica and the temperature climbs just above freezing. This gives the possibility that the expedition boats get access to Antarctica. A trip to Antarctica is a unique experience. You see the penguin chicks, marine elephants and more. A unique biotope.

Best months to visit

November - March

Your travel to Antarctica

A unique experience

We believe that every travel to South America needs to be a special moment for everyone. We of New World travel designers put everything in place to make your next holiday a unique experience. Our travel agents are experts in planning your travel to Argentina, Chile, Antarctica, South-Bolivia, and Uruguay. We offer pre-made tours but also top-notch personalized journeys. You choose how many days, what category, and more. We make you an offer without any purchase obligation. 

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